Sample Reports

Energy Recommendations

Waste Recommendations

Productivity Recommendations

Full Sample Report (v. 2013) Air Compressor

Reduce Pressure (v. 2017)

Seperate Compressed Air Grids (v. 2016)

Replace Throttle Compressor (v. 2018)

Reduce Paint Overspray (v. 2018)

Install Rotary Drum Dryer (v. 2017)

Repurpose Solvent Waste  (v. 2016)

Sell Fiberglass Waste (v. 2014)

Sell Paper Waste (v. 2013)

Install Humidity Controls  (v.2018)

Install Sorting System (v. 2018)

Increase Storage (v. 2016)

Replace Molding Machines (v. 2016)

Alternative Energy Use

PhotoVoltaic Array (v.2013)

Solar Thermal (v. 2013)

Anaerobic Digester (v. 2008)

Micro Hydro (v. 2008)

Combuston Systems

Flash Steam Recovery (v.2018)

Install VFD on Feed Water Pump (v.2018)

Boiler Fan VFD Controls (v. 2013)

Oven Tuning and Recirculation (v. 2018)


Centralize Fan Controls (v. 2018)


Turn off Lights (v. 2012) 

Replace Fixtures (v. 2012)

Install Photocells (v. 2012)


Replace Oversized Motor (v. 2018)

Notched V-Belts (v. 2015)


Reduce Discharge Pressure (v. 2014)


Flash Steam Recovery (v. 2018)


Reduce Electrical Demand (v. 2015)

Install Cooling Tower.pdf (v. 2017)

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