What does the EEC/IAC do? The Oregon State University Energy Efficiency Center (a U.S.DOE Industrial Assessment Center - OSU EEC/IAC) offers small and medium-sized manufacturers a comprehensive on-site assessment. Student teams led by engineering faculty visit manufacturers in the Northwest and seek ways to increase their profits by increasing productivity and reducing energy use and waste. These energy saving recommendations, as well as further analysis, are then compiled into a report and delivered to the client.

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Energy Analyst

Position Duties

  • 15% Touring regional manufacturing facilities
  • 15% Collecting data
  • 40% Preparing engineering recommendations for industrial clients to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste generation, and increase profitability
  • 30% Other duties as assigned

Minimum/Required Qualifications

  • Five quarter commitment
  • Engineering (or ideal Science) Majors
  • Excellent technical and writing skills
  • Experience with MS Windows, Word, and Excel, as well as online resources such as Google apps


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Database/Web Specialist [Currently not offered]

Position Duties

  • 25% Feature implementation
  • 25% Bug fixes
  • 10% Database integrity
  • 15% Communication
  • 10% Security
  • 15% Energy Analyst duties

Minimum/Required Qualifications

  • Programming Skills Required: PHP, MySQL or equivalent, Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience with MS Windows, Word, and Excel, as well as online resources such as Google apps

Operations Manager

Position Duties

  • Expanded Energy Analyst duties
  • Coordinate timely completion of all reports
  • Manage human resources (recruiting, hiring, tracking)
  • Provide training on Center processes, common industrial systems, and data collection tools
  • Actively pursue Center development
  • Maintain positive Center culture and a collaborative and supportive working environment

Minimum/Required Qualifications

  • Two summer commitment
  • Graduate student at OSU, or soon to be
  • Undergraduate degree in Engineering (or ideal Science degree)
  • Strong interpersonal skills and team oriented
  • Excellent technical and writing skills
  • Experience with MS Windows, Word, and Excel, as well as online resources such as Google apps


Please contact Dr. Karl Haapala at karl.haapala@oregonstate.edu for more information. 


The success of the EEC/IAC program depends on the quality of the student analysts. The EEC/IAC will help you to develop the skills that you have currently. In return, we expect a high level of commitment from each analyst to ensure the continued success of the center. The EEC/IAC is committed to assisting you in your professional development.

Expectations of Analysts

  • Commit to delivering a high quality report to our clients within 60 days.

This commitment starts prior to the site visit and continues until the report is in the mail. To be successful, we must be active in researching past reports in similar industries, be thorough in our data collection at the plant, be justifiable in our solutions, and be detailed in our analysis. Although you may only be assigned to a small part of each report, your responsibilities do not end until you have signed the final report.

  • Commit to professional development.

Successful and timely completion of reports requires us to be disciplined in professional development. Your classes will provide you with some of the skills and tools needed to analyze the problems that we see in the plants. However, your classes will not teach you everything. You will be responsible for taking advantage of the training opportunities presented, taking initiative to research new technologies and savings opportunities, and taking ownership of multiple areas of specialization. You are also responsible for identifying topics and areas in which tools and training improvements are needed and communicating professional accomplishments to the center's management.

  • Commit to the EEC/IAC Team.

The center cannot be successful without teamwork. This requires each member of the team to be more than just an analyst. Each member of the team must be able to rely on you to consistently meet deadlines, actively seek assistance with problems or offer assistance if needed, come into the office when scheduled, and maintain a high level of professional work ethic.

  • Commit to 1+ years of employment.

Work as a student employee for 12 months including at least 2 summer sessions.