Furnace at one of the Facilities, Energy Efficiency Center, Oregon State University

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Sample Report.pdf (1.1 MB)

Sample Energy Recommendations


Sample Waste Recommendations

Air Compressors: Reduce Air Leaks.pdf (101KB)

Recycle Plastic Bags.pdf (62 KB)

Recycle Wood Pallets.pdf (54 KB)

Recycle Plastic Buckets.pdf (59 KB)

Recycle Wood Pallets.pdf (54 KB)

Baghouse: Separate Dust Collection Systems.pdf (97KB)
Insulation: Insulate Cooker.pdf (60 KB)
Lighting: Turn off Lights.pdf (136 KB)
Replace Fixtures.pdf (109 KB)
Install Photocells.pdf (227 KB)

Sample Productivity Recommendations

Motors: Install Efficient Motors.pdf (68 KB)
Notched V-Belts.pdf (103 KB)

Reduce Discharge Pressure.pdf (186 KB)


Improve Power Factor.pdf (123 KB)

Consolidate Meters.pdf (122 KB)

Install Cooling Tower.pdf (69 KB)

Automate Final Sorting Line.pdf (64 KB)

Punch Press Changeover.pdf (60 KB)

Barcode Labeling.pdf (56 KB)

Convert Scragg Saw.pdf (116 KB)

Metal Detection for Wood Sorting.pdf (64 KB)